Talk to Teachers About Redistricting – East Peoria, IL

Invitation to Present at Congress in the Classroom 2011

The Dirksen Center is accepting proposals from high school or college and university faculty to present a session on “The Impact of Redistricting on the 2012 Congressional Elections” at The Center’s summer workshop for social studies teachers, July 25-28, 2011. The session would be either Tuesday afternoon, July 26, or Thursday morning, July 28.  The application deadline is May 31, 2011.

Our presenters are the key to the program. We strive to give the workshop attendees a mix between pedagogical information and fresh content about Congress – information they can then use in their classrooms.

Workshop sessions last for 50 minutes. We ask presenters to limit their remarks to 40 minutes to allow for questions from teachers. In the past, faculty have delivered lectures, conducted simulations, and worked collaboratively with the audience during their 40-minute allotment – we do not have a format preference. Teachers find it very helpful, however, when presenters spend the last few minutes of their remarks suggesting how teachers can use the information just presented in their classrooms.

The session on redistricting will take place either on Tuesday afternoon, July 26, or Thursday morning, July 28.

We invite presenters to stay as long as their schedules will allow so that teachers have the chance to ask questions informally as the workshop progresses. Our teachers prize their interaction with subject matter experts, and we encourage presenters to engage them both during and outside their presentations. To that end, we encourage presenters, unless they do not stay overnight, to join the workshop attendees for one evening meal.

We pay each presenter $500 for conducting a session. We also reimburse you for travel and provide for your lodging in the headquarters hotel for as many days of the workshop as you are able to attend.

This year we will host the workshop in East Peoria. The headquarters will be the Embassy Suites Hotel. You will be close to a variety of restaurants, to downtown Peoria, and to the Illinois Riverfront.

I invite you to visit our Web site where we have posted information about last year’s program.

To be considered, please send a proposal to Frank Mackaman, fmackaman [at] The proposal should demonstrate the lesson’s creativity and effectiveness. The deadline is May 31.