September 30, 2011 Colloquia/Workshops


Jennifer Bird-Pollan (Kentucky Law) presents “Unfair and Inefficient: Sovereign Wealth Funds and the Foreign Sovereign Tax Exemption.”

This paper is not publicly available.


Maxine Burkett (Hawaii Law)

Georgetown Law and Economics

Christine Jolls (Yale Law)

Harvard International Law

Beth Stephens (Rutgers Law) presents “The Modern Common Law of Foreign Official Immunity.”

This paper is publicly available.


Laura Rothstein (Louisville Law)

Indiana Law, Society and Culture

Myriam Gilles (Cardozo Law) presents “After Class: Aggregate Litigation in the Wake of AT&T v. Concepcion.

This paper is

Minnesota Law and History

Sarah Chambers (Minnesota History) presents “Family, Loyalty, and Property Confiscation during Chile’s Independence from Spain.”

This paper is not publicly available.

UCLA Faculty Fridays

Osagie Obasogie (UC Hastings Law)


Barbara Armacost (Virginia Law)


Kelly Feeley (Stetson Law)

Yale Information Society

Cherian George (Nanyang Technical)