Restatement of . . . — Brooklyn, NY

The American Law Institute (ALI) the
Brooklyn Law Review present Symposium: Restatement of . . . Fri., Jan. 25, 2013.

Restatements of the Law have been clarifying, summarizing, describing, and improving the law — and thereby exerting considerable influence on United States courts — for nearly a century. In the new millennium, the American Law Institute (ALI) has broadened its work. It has rewritten many of its original Restatements, added new ones, and moved beyond restatements of the common law in its “Principles of the Law” series.

Continuing this modernization of a venerable brand, the “Restatement Of …” symposium asks: What other areas of the law might be restated? Leading scholars from diverse fields will come together at this symposium to delve deeper into the restatement frontier in their respective areas of expertise. Discussion topics will include new projects that the ALI could undertake, concerns about restating specific areas of the law, restatements currently in progress, doctrines that will resist restatement, and old restatements that have disappeared.

(Current projects listed on ALI’s website include world trade law, sentencing, sexual assault, election law, government ethics, liability insurance, nonprofit organizations, foreign relations law, employment law, Indian law, consumer contracts, international commercial arbitration, intentional torts to persons, liability for economic harm, and liability for physical and emotional harm.)

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