Call for Papers: The Ethics of War – Stockholm, Sweden

The Stockholm Centre for the Ethics of War and Peace will host the Ethics of War in the 21st Century May 24-25, 2014.  The conference will emphasize how just war theory has evolved since 9/11. Suggested paper topics include the following

  • Theoretical approaches to just war theory, such as cosmopolitanism, reductivism, collectivism, and pacifism
  • Humanitarian intervention
  • Civil war and arming uprisings
  • Weapons and technology
  • Terrorism and just war theory
  • Legitimate authority
  • The moral status of non-state combatants
  • War and international law
  • Conscientious refusal
  • Preventive war, especially with respect to nuclear proliferation

Deadline: December 1, 2013. Papers of no more than 5000 words (excluding references), suitable for a 30 minute presentation, should be submitted to helen.frowe[@] Papers should include an abstract of no more than 250 words and be prepared for blind review – please include name, affiliation and contact details in the body of the email. Please also indicate in the submission email whether you would be willing to act as a respondent if your paper is not accepted for the conference. There are plans to put together a journal special issue from selected papers. Please indicate in your email whether you would like your paper considered for publication as part of this issue. im

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