Call for Papers: Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender, & Society – Madison, WI

The University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Wisconsin Journal of Law, Gender and Society host The Threat from Within: Current and Alternative Responses to Sexual Assault in the Military on February 21, 2014.

Since 1991, the problem of sexual assault in the military has persisted and the risks associated with military service are compounded by the reality that sexual assault rates are twice as high as civilian rates. We are seeking original scholarship, from both scholars and practitioners, addressing the current state of sexual assault in the military and what has and can be done to protect those who are victimized.

Deadline: October 18, 2013 at 5pm. Email an abstract, plus a 3-5 page outline to WJLGS.Symposium[@] im

Ideally, proposals would highlight the historical context and the current realities of sexual assault in the military; an analysis of the current responses instituted by theĀ military to address the issue; recommendations as to how the military or otherĀ organizations can address this issue in a meaningful and effective way.

Topics could include the military culture and how it contributes to the problem; the military leadership current response to the problem; military judicial system and how it is effective or ineffective at addressing this issue; or advantages and disadvantages to civilian court intervention.