Love and Law—Malibu, CA

The Herbert and Elinor Nootbaar Institute on Law, Religion and Ethics, Pepperdine University School of Law, presents Love and Law Feb. 7-8, 2014.

Law might bear several sorts of relationships to love. Love might be the motivation behind the work of lawyers, judges, legislators, police, and politically active citizens. The adoption and enforcement of wise laws can be among the most loving things that someone can do. It may also be that law can teach and encourage love.

The idea of law grounded in love generates numerous big questions which will be addressed throughout this conference by people from the fields of philosophy, political science, law, economics, theology, and literature.

Breakout sessions include:

  • Law School and Law Practice
  • Liberalism, Post-Liberalism, and Law
  • Law, Love, and Politics
  • Criminal Law
  • Love and Law, Immigration and Race
  • Love and Law, Family and Education