CFP: Children in America’s Poorest Neighborhoods—AALS 2015—Washington, DC

The AALS Section on Children and the Law announces a Call for Papers for its program during the AALS 2015 Annual Meeting: Dead Upon Birth: The Inter-Generational Cycle of Thwarted Lives in America’s Poorest Neighborhoods. The submission deadline is Aug. 15, 2014. See 2015 AALS call for papers Dead Upon Birth. The annual meeting is Jan. 2-5, 2015, in Washington, DC.

“The D.U.B.” is a nickname southside Chicago residents have given a neighborhood exemplifying a tragic reality in many of this country’s urban and rural areas: Children are born into struggling families in deeply dysfunctional neighborhoods and have little chance for full and flourishing lives. In some parts of America, a boy born today is more likely to end up in prison than college and a girl is more likely to become drug addicted than married. . . .