Vulnerability and Education—Amherst, MA

Vulnerability and the Human Condition, Emory University

Emory’s Vulnerability and the Human Condition initiative presents A Workshop on Vulnerability and Education April 24-25, 2015, at Amherst College. Proposal deadline has been extended to┬áFebruary 2, 2015.

This workshop explores public education through the lens of vulnerability theory.Public education is a foundational means whereby the state fulfills its responsibility to structure institutions responsive to human vulnerability and need for resilience. Yet the state seems to be withdrawing or lessening its commitment to public education, and there has been a steady growth in privatization over the past half century. Increased funding for charter schools and voucher programs, and the increased number of students in private education and homeschool settings have diverted and decreased the availability of funds for general public education.

“We invite a broad array of perspectives on education, resilience, inequality, and vulnerability.”

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