Crisis in Ukraine Symposium–Berkeley, CA

The Miller Institute for Global Challenges and Law will be hosting a symposium on the topic of the current crisis in Ukraine, titled, “Between the Law, Power and Principle: Self-Determination, Constitution Making and the Crisis in Ukraine” on February 13, 2015 at UC Berkeley School of Law. For information, please visit the symposium website.

“The revolution in Ukraine, together with the Russian annexation of Crimea and the military conflict that followed, have rekindled enduring anxieties about the salience of law in responding to radical constitutional change and territorial conflict. The joint Center for Constitutional Transitions-Miller Institute-German Law Journal workshop will address the meaning and relevance of the principles of territorial integrity, non-intervention, self-determination, and popular sovereignty that frame much of the debate about the conflict in Ukraine. Scholars of international law, comparative constitutionalism and political theory will discuss whether the crisis in Ukraine is an occasion to renew our foundational commitments to these principles, or whether it ought to encourage a re-imagining of the doctrinal and theoretical tools we use to make sense of revolution, constitution making, and state-building in the context of geopolitical rivalry.”

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Reference Intern, University of Washington School of Law