LatCrit XXI, LatCritSALT Jr. Faculty Devel. Workshop – Orlando, FL

Latina & Latino Critical Legal Theory, Inc. (LatCrit)

The Twenty-First LatCrit Conference (LatCritXXI), 2016 Election: What Next?, takes place Sept. 29–30, 2017, in Orlando. Abstracts are due by May 15, 2017.

we invite papers, panels, roundtables, workshops and works in progress across disciplinary boundaries and from all constituencies, among others, on the following questions: How do we deal with the forces that shaped the last election? What does true solidarity require in terms of organizing and mobilizing? How do we move forward, centering systematic injustice, preserving hard won gains from our ancestors, and forging ahead into the future for justice? How do we use our best talents for the struggle? What is the role of empathy and education moving forward?

Paper, Panel, Roundtable, Workshop proposals & WIPs on other topics related to subordination and resistance are also welcome.

The LatCrit/SALT Junior Faculty Development Workshop takes place Sept. 28, 2017.

The Annual Faculty Development Workshop (FDW) is conducted by the Latina & Latino Critical Legal Theory, Inc. (LatCrit) in association with the Society of American Law Teachers (SALT) to familiarize progressive junior faculty with LatCrit and SALT principles and values and support them in the teaching, scholarship, and service aspects of professional success. In addition, the FDW seeks to foster scholarship in progressive and critical outsider jurisprudence, including LatCrit theory, among new faculty, junior faculty, students, and practitioners. Finally, the FDW aims to cultivate a community of scholars interested in the continuation of this and similar projects over the years. For a general sense of the FDW, please refer to the FDW and LatCrit programs.

In 2012, LatCrit and SALT began to alternate hosting the FDW on an annual basis.

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