Financial Technology Law Conference – Melbourne, Australia

Deakin University

Deakin University in Melbourne, Australia, invites papers for the first annual Financial Technology Law Conference September 14-15, 2017.

This conference will bring legal scholars and practitioners together to explore and discuss the legal and regulatory developments and issues emerging from innovations in the realm of financial technology, or ‘fintech’. Invited speakers will present papers that provide insights into the legal developments affecting both financial communities and society in Australia and in other jurisdictions. The goal is to provide information on recent developments in the field of fintech law and to provide a forum for debating and developing the law and policy in this new field.

PAPER SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS: We welcome theoretical, empirical and policy-oriented papers. We invite legal academics (including PhD students) and legal practitioners to submit their manuscripts on a topic that explores an aspect of fintech law, including, but not limited to:
1. Innovations in fintech, e.g. blockchain, distributed ledger technology, digital currencies (e.g. bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin), remittances (e.g. TransferWise), crowd-funding, microfinance, mobile payments, payments systems, clearing and settlement systems, insurance, smart contracts and crypto-property;
2. Legal and regulatory developments in Australia and in other jurisdictions, including a discussion of case law, legislation and regulations; discussion of theoretical developments and areas of debate; creating legal certainty; doctrinal debates (e.g. the legal nature of a bitcoin and legal issues regarding intangible property rights);
3. International (e.g. treatises and conventions) and transnational (e.g. lex mercatoria, codes, and soft law) legal developments, international trade (e.g. bills of lading);
4. Financial stability and systemic risk; consumer protection;
5. The intersection of fintech with other subjects and areas of law (e.g. economics, accounting, sociology, real estate, criminal law, etc.);
6. Case studies about fraud, regulatory failures (e.g. Silkroad and Mt. Gox), cybercrime, money laundering, other use cases and empirical studies; ethical issues in fintech;
7. Developments in the legal profession.

Deadline: The deadline to submit a completed paper is August 1, 2017. Please send your submission by email to Please contact Dr. Christian Chamorro-Courtland for any questions or further information:

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