Fostering Resilience through Law’s Dynamism – Atlanta, GA

University of Leeds and Emory Law

The University of Leeds School of Law and Emory Law are convening a workshop on December 8-9, 2017, in Atlanta, Georgia, titled A Workshop on Legal Transitions and the Vulnerable Subject:
Fostering Resilience through Law’s Dynamism.

The purpose of this workshop will be to investigate how individuals’ and groups’ transitions between legal status categories expose vulnerability and also offer opportunities for fostering resilience. While legal scholarship often examines static legal categories, explaining how and why these categories privilege and advantage various individuals and groups, the movement of individuals and groups across legal categories itself deserves analysis. These transitions across legal categories—for example, from contracting strangers to corporate partners, non-married to married couples, employee to manager, insured to uninsured, incarcerated to released, or undocumented to documented—involve transformations in individual identity, relational dynamics, social networks, and institutional forms. The way in which law facilitates transitions itself will affect individuals’ and groups’ experience of legal change, as injurious or empowering, fair or unjust.

Deadline and Submission Process: Email a proposal of several paragraphs as a Word or PDF document by July 21, 2017, to Rachel Ezrol, rezrol[@] Decisions will be made by August 4, 2017 and working paper drafts will be due November 15, 2017 so they can be duplicated and distributed prior to the Workshop.

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