Call for Papers: The Second Draft

Legal Writing Institute (LWI)

The Second Draft invites articles for its Fall 2018 issue on the theme of Collaboration. Papers (in Word format) are due March 16, 2018 to theseconddraftlwi[at]

We intend the theme to be broad, so we look forward to hearing about how you have collaborated or could collaborate with legal skills faculty or with doctrinal faculty at your school; how you have encouraged or could encourage your students to collaborate with one another inside or outside of the classroom; or, how your school has collaborated or could collaborate with other schools or organizations. We envision submissions ranging in length from 500 to 3,000 words but are open to considering pieces of any length. To help us keep track of submissions, please use the following convention for the subject line of your email: Name, Article Submission, Issue, and Year (e.g., “Jane Doe Article Submission Fall 2018 Issue”).