CFP: Commerce Clause & the Global Economy – Orange, CA

The Chapman Law Review at Chapman University Fowler School of Law invites articles on the theme “The Commerce Clause and the Global Economy.” Abstracts are due by June 30, 2018 to Carlos Bacio, Senior Articles Editor, bacio101[at]

Article submissions may cover topics about aspects of the Commerce Clause and the Global Market, including (but not limited to):

  • South Dakota v. Wayfair, and its overarching implications,
  • Quill Corp. v. North Dakota, and its survival or demise,
  • State and local government’s ability to regulate global economic actors, for example:
    • Should cities be able to ban big-box stores to protect local retailers?
    • Should cities be able to give hiring preferences to local residents?
    • Should states be able to ban the importation of products that will compete with locally produced goods?

For additional details and submission information please see the Call for Papers.