Call for Papers: Amending America’s Unwritten Constitution

The Boston College Law School, with support from the Institute for Liberal Arts, is hosting a conference titled “Amending America’s Unwritten Constitution” May 16-17, 2019.

From the call, this theme addresses: “Recent constitutional scholarship reveals renewed interest in how unwritten constitutional norms and conventions underlying U.S. constitutional practice can and do change. The conference aims to advance the field by focusing on theoretical, conceptual, and practical questions concerning what it means to ‘amend’ America’s ‘unwritten constitution’ (including what has been called the ‘small-c constitution’), how the ‘unwritten constitution’ can be amended, and who the relevant constitutional actors are in catalyzing and concretizing these changes.”

Invitees from this call for papers will sit on one of several concurrent panels running throughout the 2-day conference. Papers are invited from faculty and graduate students from a number of disciplines, including law; the papers can thus also tackle this theme from a number of different perspectives, such as sociology, history, philosophy, and more.

Those interested should submit their CV and an abstract of not more than 750 words to Abstracts are due November 15, 2018.

Further details on this conference and the call for papers can be found here.

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Assistant Director for Public Services, Jerome Hall Law Library, Indiana University Maurer School of Law