University of Wisconsin Law School

University of Wisconsin-Madison Law School — University of Wisconsin Law School Institute for Legal Studies hosts today “Law in Action Innovations in Wisconsin Law Courses, 1950-1970.” The program reflects upon on an early period during which Wisconsin Law School was a national leader in developing interdisciplinary legal studies, or law in action, and how this perspective resulted in dramatic revisions to some traditional law school courses. Presenters include members of the UW Law School faculty in the 1970s and 1980s, among them, Professor Emeritus Bill Whitford (UW), Professor Emeritus William Clune (UW), Professor Hendrik Hartog (Princeton University Dept. of History), and Professor Emeritus Malcolm Feeley (Berkeley Law). Commenters include UW’s Professor Mitra Sharafi and Associate Professor Cecilia Klingele.

Lunch will be provided, and CLE credits are pending. More details available here. Questions can be directed to michelle.preston@wisc.edu.