University of Wisconsin Law School

University of Wisconsin-Madison Law SchoolEric Gitari will discuss his legal and policy advocacy work, the status of LGBTQI+ persons today, and stories from the front lines of the ongoing battle for equality. Gitari is a human rights lawyer and queer activist from Nairobi, Kenya. His work compares the legal, political and social challenges resulting from criminalization of same sex conduct in African legal systems and the effect of such criminalization in accessing rights – such as right to fair trial, employment, registration of associations, housing and expression. As a lawyer, Gitari has also stood before the High Court of Kenya advocating for the rights and equal representation of LGBTQI+ persons.

The event is co-hosted by QLaw (UW Law’s LGBTQ+ Inclusive Student Organization), UW Quoncil, the UW Human Rights Program and the Inclusive Healthcare Initiative.