Intelligent Entertainment Symposium – Miami, FL

The Florida International University Law Review will hold its 25th Symposium on November 8, 2019. The theme of the symposium is Intelligent Entertainment: Algorithmic Generation and Regulation of Creative Works.

Computer software is increasingly creating much of the work that entertains the public: digital graphics, songs, paintings, news stories, and even social media influencer feeds. U.S. and foreign copyright and patent offices confront the question of whether to recognize intellectual property rights in algorithmically generated processes or works and how to allocate those rights across programmers, program users, and the bots. Moreover, courts and legislators are peppered with demands that they give legal effect to algorithmic means of preventing or remediating infringement of creative works, such as YouTube’s Content ID or Audible Magic CopySense. Advocates of free speech and open competition often complain that algorithmic enforcement of copyrights threatens false positives that result in wrongful takedowns of criticism, commentary, remix, or parody. Improvements in machine learning and other artificial intelligence techniques may improve the accuracy of automated fair use or other enforcement-related determinations. This may give rise to more campaigns for legislation or judicial standards that insist on the rapid deployment of automated “upload filters” and the like, as with the Directive on Copyright in the Digital Single Market. Patent and trademark examiners could use similar techniques to prevent the issuance of rights that conflict with prior grants or encroach upon the public domain.

More information, including registration and the program schedule is available on the website.

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