CFP: Climate Crisis and Local Communities

Forced Migration Review

The Forced Migration Review is seeking article submissions for its June 2020 issue, entitled Climate Crisis and Local Communities.

This issue will focus on grassroots action by affected communities in prevention, adaptation, mitigation, resilience, preparedness, response, governance and decision-making, campaigning and advocacy. Many countries and communities have been coping with the effects of a changing climate for decades, and have much experience to share. This feature theme will explore how their learning can inform and support other affected communities and the international community in their approaches, policies and actions.

The Review is looking for concise, pertinent, practice-oriented, challenging articles that present analysis, lessons and good practice with wide relevance. In particular, the FMR Editors are looking for submissions (from affected communities, advocates, practitioners, policymakers, researchers and climate specialists) that reflect a diverse range of experience and opinions and that address questions.

The full list of topics/questions can be found on the Review’s website, at:

IMPORTANT: Please do not propose articles on climate change-related aspects that fall outside the scope of the provided questions. There will be a follow-up FMR issue on ‘climate crisis and global response’ in June 2021 – look out for that call for articles in late 2020. Please also avoid an overly descriptive approach in your article – set the context but focus on the analysis, lessons, voices, recommendations, etc.

BEFORE WRITING YOUR ARTICLE: If you are interested in contributing, please email the Editors at with a few sentences about your proposed topic so that we can provide feedback and let you know if we are interested in receiving your submission.  

WHEN WRITING/SUBMITTING YOUR ARTICLE: Please read our guidelines for authors and ensure your article, when submitted, complies with our submission checklist: do not accept articles that do not comply with our checklist.

  • Maximum length: 2,500 words
  • Deadline for submission of articles: Monday, February 17, 2020