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International Trade and Business Law Review Volume XXIV

Call for submissions

Amidst the excitement of multinational corporations and superpowers exploring outer space and deep
sea, conflict and crises remain recurrent global phenomena. The stark contrast in managing progress
and crises is visible everywhere but perhaps most prominently in the areas of international trade and
business. While the commercial space industry is being celebrated as a technological innovation of
global business and regulation, competing trading blocs are waging war against each other in the
shadow of international law and policy. Contemporary legal scholarship frequently likened trade with
war and business with innovation bringing law in conversation with many other interesting objects
and fields of study.

Global ventures into trade and business may have never been solely the domain for collaboration and
exchange between people and places as has been imagined by legal and interdisciplinary scholars of
trade and business. Foundational ideas about trade and business, or of states and corporations have
undergone a rethinking in the last few decades. In a world ridden with crises – of climate, health,
inequality, and peace and security – ideas of trade and commerce as exchange of goods and services
among individuals, corporations, and states hardly capture the layered intricacies involved in their
expansion. It is difficult, if not impossible, to think of trade and investment, business and regulation
without paying close attention to the myriad techniques of global governance.

Law has remained one of the central ways of doing global trade and business. All forms of commercial
activities today are not only being shaped by powerful actors but also by seemingly mundane actors
and events in the form of legal argument, entitlement or policy debate. The diverse stakes of legal
rules and rights in and around debates about international trade, investment, finance, property,
contract, and business has opened up novel inquiries, experiments and possibilities. We would like
International Trade and Business Law Review (ITBLR) to play a part in these shared intellectual efforts.
We would particularly encourage scholars from the Global South to use ITBLR as an intellectual outlet
for advancing a more inclusive understanding of trade and business.

In this call for paper, we invite papers that touch on any of the following themes, including but not
limited to:

  • Trade, investment, and contractual debates arising out of local, national, regional,
    supranational, institutional, formal, and informal arrangements
  • Legal and policy issues in global market, food security, finance, technology, the value chain,
    and various regulatory techniques of labour and capital
  • Environmental, social, human rights/humanitarian dimensions of political and economic
    measures, including but not limited to monetary, tax, intellectual property, development, and
    immigration laws and policies
  • Legal, political, and ethical implications of ideas linked to global trade and business, including
    but not limited to, bailout, free trade, protectionism, responsible business, and corporate

The deadline to submit the paper is 30 November 2022. For any queries, please email Dr. Sharmin Tania or Dr. Mostafa Haider at Click here for more details of ITBLR and
author guidelines.






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