25 Years, Convention of the Rights of the Child—Leiden, the Netherlands

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The Department of Child Law of Leiden University presents 25 Years CRC (UN Convention of the Rights of the Child) Nov. 17-19, 2014. Abstracts are due by April 1, 2014.

Organizers invite submissions—from academics or professionals working in children’s rights or related fields—on the following themes:

    Day 1, The implications of the CRC after 25 years

    • Embedding the CRC at the domestic level—the jurisprudential ‘value added’
    • Embedding children’s rights as a vehicle for tertiary and post school studies
    • Interdisciplinarity and children’s rights
    • Monitoring children’s rights—international
      and domestic mechanisms
    • Visibility of children—children’s participation and enforcement of their rights
    • Juvenile justice
  • Day 2, New frontiers of children’s rights for the future
    • Child protection systems
    • Children and the global development agenda
    • Children’s rights and the digital era
    • Research for 2040
    • The interrelationship between children’s rights and the broader human rights system
    • Children’s rights and migration

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