Call for Submissions: Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy

Written by OSULEGALSCHOLARSHIP   // February 15, 2013   // Comments Off


The Croatian Yearbook of European Law and Policy is currently accepting papers for volume 9. Papers should be submitted by June 1, 2013, at the latest. The Yearbook

aims to be critical, realistic, multidisciplinary and regional. The editors recognise that significant answers to legal questions can be found only in a wider political, economic and social context. It is our intention to move away from the textual-formalist reading of law rooted in post-communist legal systems and beyond. It is also our intention to emphasise the policy contents of legal rules and the social function that law performs in democratic pluralistic societies.

The editors welcome contributions on a wide range of European topics. Those with a specific regional perspective on the law and policy of the European Union, its Member States and future member states will be particularly appreciated.


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