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Fordham University School of Law

Conference on International Arbitration and Mediation – New York City, NY

Fordham Law hosts the Key Issues in International Commercial and Treaty Arbitration: 2018 November 2, 2018. Conference topics include Impact on international arbitration of the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation…

Duke Law

Sustainable Urban Development – Durham, NC

On November 2, 2018, the Duke Environmental Law & Policy Forum hosts its annual symposium focused on Sustainable Urban Development, from the individual building scale to macro-scale discussions of how…

Duke Law

40th Annual Duke Estate Planning Conference – Durham, NC

Duke Law School and the Duke University Estate Planning Council host the 40th Annual Duke Estate Planning Conference October 11-12, 2018. This two day conference consists of a series of…

Nat'l Aging Law Conference

National Aging and Law Conference – Alexandria, VA

The National Aging and Law Conference will be held on October 24-26, 2018. The conference will focus on a theme of Advocating for Aging with Dignity.

Seton Hall University School of Law

Seton Hall L. Rev. Symposium: Race & the Opioid Crisis – Newark, NJ

The Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law & Policy and Seton Hall Law Review present the symposium “Race and the Opioid Crisis: History and Lessons,” on Nov. 2, 2018.

Utah L. Rev. Symp.: The Opioid Crisis – Salt Lake City, UT

The Utah Law Review presents the symposium “The Opioid Crisis: Paths Forward to Mitigate Regulatory Failure,” on Nov. 30, 2018.

Texas A&M University School of Law

Symposium on Rural Development – Fort Worth, TX

The Texas A&M Journal of Property Law presents the symposium “Rural Development: Using Innovation to Create Thriving Communities,” on Oct. 26, 2018.

FIU Law Rev. Symposium: Barnette at 75 – Online

Florida International University Law Review presents the symposium, “Barnette at 75: The Past, Present, and Future of the ‘Fixed Star in Our Constitutional Constellation,” on Oct. 5, 2018. The livestream…

School banner

Judicial Paradigms & Due Process – Las Vegas, NV

The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, William S. Boyd School of Law presents the symposium “Dignity, Tradition, & Constitutional Due Process: Competing Judicial Paradigms” on Mar. 14 – 15, 2019….

Case Western Reserve University School of Law

The Art Market & Money Laundering Symposium – New York, NY

Case Western Reserve University presents the symposium “The Art Market and Money Laundering” on Oct. 12, 2018.