CFP Deadline: Workshop on Artificial Justice

National University of Singapore
December 1, 2019 all-day
CFP Deadline: Workshop on Artificial Justice

The “Workshop on Artificial Justice” will take place on Mar. 18-19, 2020 at the National University of Singapore. The deadline for proposals is Dec. 1, 2019. 

Details below:

Writing in 2003, economists David Autor, Frank Levy, and Richard Murnane distinguished between tasks that may be completed by following a given set of instructions, or “routine” tasks, and tasks that may not be so completed, or “nonroutine” tasks. Routine tasks, they prophesized, will be surrendered to computers. But nonroutine tasks will always be performed by humans. Unforeseen by them – and many of us – is that machine learning will one day enable computers to do things not easily described or reduced to rules. From driving cars to match-making couples, activities one thought to be the preserve of human skill and judgment are now being performed by computers. Empowered by advances in machine learning, artificial intelligence seems poised to remake law and its institutions. How is artificial intelligence being deployed in the legal system? Will the introduction of artificial intelligence in diverse spheres of human activity promote or threaten legal values? Does artificial intelligence represent an evolutionary trend or a disruptive break for the legal order? This workshop seeks to bring together interdisciplinary scholars who are investigating these questions from theoretical or empirical perspectives.

PAPER SUBMISSION PROCEDURE: The event will be held on March 18 to 19 at the National University of Singapore. Proposals may be submitted as drafts or abstracts (approximately 500 words). Please email proposals to by 1 December 2019. Final decisions will be communicated by mid-January 2020. The organizer is able to provide round-trip economy flights and accommodation for three nights to all selected presenters.

Submission Deadline: 1 December 2019

FURTHER INFORMATION: Inquiries should be directed to

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