October 1, 2012 Colloquia/Workshops

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Chicago Law

Legal Scholarship Workshop – Zach Compton (Chicago Law) & Sheldon Lyke (Northwestern Law)

Cleveland State Law

First Monday Supreme Court Review – Browne Lewis (Cleveland State Law) presents Astrue v. Capato (social security survivor’s benefits and posthumously conceived children); Doron Kalir (Cleveland State Law) presents Fisher v. U. of Texas (affirmative action in college admissions); Jonathan Witmer-Rich (Cleveland State Law) (dog-sniffing cases)

Harvard Law

Nimer Sultany (Harvard Law)

Toledo Faculty Roundtable Series

Scott Douglas Gerber (Ohio Northern University) presents The Intellectual Origins of Early American Law – paper is not publicly available

Tulane Law

Jim Rossi (Vanderbilt Law) presents Federal Preemption and the Clean Energy Floor

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