Poli. Sci., International Relations, Etc. — Grad Students & Junior Scholars — Jerusalem, Israel

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The conveners of the 8th Annual Conference of Graduate Students invite applications from graduate students, as well as recent PhDs, in Israel and abroad who work in the fields of Political Science, International Relations and Public Policy, as well as related fields such as Politics and Law, Political History, Political Economy, Political Geography, Political Philosophy, Political Psychology, Political Sociology and Political Communication. The conference is hosted by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Dec. 12-14, 2012. The application deadline is Oct. 14, 2012.

The conference offers three tracks for participation – panels and two types of research workshops. The workshops are:

Workshop 1: The Theory and Practice of “Real-Existing Democracies”. Led by: Prof. Philippe C. Schmitter and Prof. Mario Sznajder

Workshop 2: Political Participation, Civic Democracy, and Public Policy: Assessing Citizen Participation and Public Policy. Led by: Prof. Jan Leighley and Dr. Jennifer Oser

Workshop 3: Challenges to Global Governance.. Led by: Prof. Markus Jachtenfuchs and Prof. Arie Kacowicz

Workshop 4: Ideas in Governance and Governing by Ideas.. Led by: Prof. Kai Wegrich and Dr. Anat Gofen

Workshop 5: Issues in German Social and Political Thought. Led by: Dr. Martin Ruehl and Dr. Efraim Podoksik

Workshop 6: The Arab Spring: An Opportunity to Renew the Research Agenda with Respect to Middle East Politics?.. Led by: Dr. As’ad Ghanem and Dr. Aviad Rubin

Workshop 7: Jewish Political Thought. Led by: Dr. Moshe Hellinger and Dr. Jeff Macy

Workshop 8: Courts and Judges in Law and Political Science. Led by: Prof. Gad Barzilai and Dr. Udi Sommer

Workshop 9 (methodology): Political Decision-Making. Led by: Prof. Alex Mintz and Dr. Liraz Margalit

Workshop 10 (methodology): The Basics and Beyond: Writing and Publishing Research Papers. Led by: Prof. Jan Leighley

Workshop 11 (methodology): Research Designs. Led by: Prof. Philippe C. Schmitter

The application deadline is Oct. 14, 2012. Details here.


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