Reform(aliz)ing Copyright for the Internet Age? – Berkeley, CA

Written by OSULEGALSCHOLARSHIP   // March 6, 2013   // Comments Off

AlbertaThe 17th Annual Berkeley Center for Law and Technology and Berkeley Technology Law Journal Symposium Reform(aliz)ing Copyright for the Internet Age? will be held April 18-19, 2013.

Copyright formalities have largely disappeared from American copyright law in the past three years, but they may be about to stage a comeback.

Why? Because copyright formalities may be one of the most important strategies for reconciling copyright law and the challenges of the digital age. This conference will consider, among other things, the useful role that formalities can play in addressing today’s copyright challenges, what kinds of formalities might best serve the interests of authors and of the public, economic considerations posed by formalities, the need for appropriate technological infrastructures to support new formalities regimes, and some constraints that the Berne Convention may pose for the design and implementation of new formalities regimes.


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