March 5, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Margareth Etienne (Illinois Law)

Connecticut Tax

Linda Sugin (Fordham Law), Why Endowment Taxation is Unjust


Pauline Kim (Washington Law), Exploring Panel Effects: Deliberation and Strategy on the United States Courts of Appeals

NYU Legal History

Lloyd Bonfield (New York Law School), Lord Chief Justice King’s Reports – 1714-22: ‘Commercial Law’

SMU Law & Citizenship

Serena Mayeri (Penn Law)

Toronto Law & Economics

Douglas Baird (Chicago Law), Financial Innovation and the New Chapter 11

UC Hastings

Giuseppe De Palo (Hamline Law), The Globalization of the ‘ADR Movement

USC Law, History and Culture

Megan Reid (USC Religion), Punishment and Appropriate Justice in Islamic Societies


Signe Brunstad (Washington Law) & Toshiko Takenaka (Washington Law), Cross-Border Cultural Teaching Experience: License Negotiation and Mock Trial with European Law Students