March 7, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Steve R. Johnson (UNLV Law), The Who and What of Anti-Abuse Rules: The Debate over Codifying the Economic Substance Doctrine


Keith Aoki (UC Davis Law)


Molly Wilson (Saint Louis Law)

Queen’s Law

Laurence Ashworth (Queen’s Business), Advertising Deception, Correction, and Defensive Consumers

Rosemary Coombe (York University), A Broken Record: Music as a Subject of Cultural Rights

San Diego

Mat McCubbins (San Diego Law)


Andrew Taslitz (Howard Law), Wrongly Accused Redux: How Race Contributes to Convicting the Innocent – the Informants Example 

UCLA Fridays

Eric Posner (Chicago Law), Professionals or Politicians: The Uncertain Empirical Case for an Elected Rather than Appointed Judiciary


Michael Hunter Schwartz (Washburn Law), Instructional Design-Based Law School Teaching Methodologies