March 20, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Boston University

Jack Beermann (Boston University Law), Common Law and Statute Law in U.S. Federal Administrative Law


Randall Lesaffer (Tilburg Law), Just and Legal War, Just and Legal Peace, in Early Modern Europe

Florida State

Pamela Samuelson (UC Berkeley Law)


Charles Lawrence (Georgetown Law), Unconscious Racism Revisited: Reflections on the Origins and Impact of “The Id, the Ego and Equal Protection”


Curtis Bradley (Duke Law), The Story of Ex Parte Milligan: Military Trials, Enemy Combatants, and Congressional Authorization

Harvard Religion & Society

Gregg Ivers (American Public Affairs), Religious Organizations as Legal Advocates: Comparing Canada and the U.S.

Michigan Law & Economics

Michael Heise (Cornell Law), Plaintiphobia in State Courts? An Empirical Study of State Court Trials on Appeal


Adrienne D. Davis (Washington University in St. Louis Law)


Randall Kennedy (Harvard Law), Good White People

Toronto Health Law

William Lahey (Dalhousie Law), Inter-Professional Practice and the Law: Understanding and Overcoming the Barriers

UCLA Legal Theory

Stephen R. Perry (Penn Law), Political Authority and Political Obligation

Yale Workplace Theory & Policy

Jack Dennerlein (Harvard Public Health), The Epidemic of Musculoskeletal Disorder in the Modern Workplace. Readings 1 & 2