Framing Legal and Human Rights Strategies for Change: A Case Study of Disability Rights in Asia – Seattle

The University of Washington School of Law, in partnership with the Henry M. Jackson Foundation, the University of Washington Disability Studies Program, and the Asian Law Center at the University of Washington School of Law, presents Framing Legal and Human Rights Strategies for Change: A Case Study of Disability Rights in Asia, April 24-25, 2008. Registration deadline is April 10.

Topics of discussion will include the UN Convention on Disability Rights and how they impact domestic norms; disability citizenship and integration into society; international disability lawyering and advocacy; disability law after conflict; integrating people with disabilities into developing economies; global health, human rights and disability; and the funder community┬ĺs perspective on the future of disability human rights. There are confirmed speakers from eight countries and throughout the United States.The goal of the symposium is to explore the issue of disability rights in both a legal and human rights context within Asia. An examination of the Asian experience with these issues provides an opportunity to explore their application in a broad and diverse setting of different historical and legal contexts, environments, economies and forms of government.
The symposium is intended to reach an audience of academics, scholars, policy makers, human rights professionals, lawyers, advocates, foundations, and business leaders. The panel presentations will include time for audience discussion.

Following the symposium, on Saturday, April 26th, there will be an optional advocacy meeting that will be open to symposium attendees, speakers and the public to discuss strategies to support ratification of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities.