April 21, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law & Philosophy

Robert Pape (Chicago Political Science)

Georgetown Law & Philosophy

Christopher Morris (Maryland Law), Natural Rights and Political Legitimacy & P 1-2 Declaration of Independence & Anarchy, State, and Utopia & State Legitimacy and Social Order


Eric Zolt (UCLA Law), Inequality, Collective Action, and Taxing and Spending Patterns of State and Local Governments

Northwestern Law & Economics

Alan O. Sykes (Stanford Law), Transnational Forum Shopping as a Trade and Investment Issue

San Diego

Ariela Gross (USC Law)


Greg Mandel (Temple Law), Left Brain vs. Right Brain: Conflicting Conceptions of Creativity in Intellectual Property Law


Jean Comaroff (Chicago Anthropology), Nations with/out Borders: Neoliberalism and the Problem of Belong in Africa, and Beyond

UC Berkeley

Lauren Edelman (UC Berkeley Law) & Linda Krieger (UC Berkeley Law) & Scott Eliason (Minnesota Sociology) & Catherine Albiston (UC Berkeley Law) & Virginia Mellema (EEOC), When Organizations Rule: Judicial Deference to Institutionalized Employment Structures

UC Hastings

Adam Scales (Washington & Lee Law), Insurance in the Aftermath of Katrina

UCLA Faculty Mondays

Joshua Foa Dienstag (UCLA Political Science), The Promise of Pessimism

Virginia Law & Economics

Christine Jolls (Yale Law), Mandated Medical Leave in the Workplace

Yale Corporate Law

Reinier Kraakman (Harvard Law), Exit, Voice, and Liability: Legal Dimensions of Organizational Structure