Call for Papers: Developments in NY Law

Call for Articles and Essays: Recent Developments in New York Law
Proposals due October 1, 2009.

The editors of Pace Law Review invite proposals from scholars, researchers, practitioners, and professionals for contributions to our second annual issue addressing recent developments in New York law to be published in Spring 2010.

This issue will explore a wide range of recent developments in the laws of New York State, including but not limited to areas of criminal law, civil litigation, family law, property law, constitutional law, tax law, bankruptcy law, and municipal law. Authors may also discuss proposed changes to New York law, at the state or local level.

Please submit proposals of no more than 500 words by attachment to plr [at] by October 1, 2009. All proposals should include the intended authorÂ’s name, title, institutional affiliation, contact information, and should relate to an area of New York State law. Authors are also welcome, but not required, to submit a CV. We expect to make publication offers by October 8. We encourage clear, concise, and accessible writing that will be of use to lawmakers, attorneys, and students.

Completed manuscripts will be due November 24, 2009.