UDC Law Review Symposium: Overcoming Barriers to Economic Opportunity in America Today

The UDC Law Review at the UDC David A. Clarke School of Law held its 2014 Symposium, Overcoming Barriers to Economic Opportunity in America Today: Renewing the War on Poverty Fifty Years Later, on Friday, April 4, 2014.

The symposium addressed the following:

In declaring the War on Poverty fifty years ago, President Lyndon Johnson summoned the Nation to eliminate “barriers to full participation in our society” and strive to give each and every American a “fair chance to develop their own capacities.” In recognizing the Fiftieth Anniversary of that bold but unfinished task, the UDC Law Review has gathered leading policy and legal experts for this symposium that explores new ways to combat the root causes of poverty in the U.S. today that continue to impair economic opportunity and mobility for many Americans.