Judicial Supremacy and Its Critics—Madison, WI

University of Wisconsin Law School

The University of Wisconsin hosts the Wisconsin Discussion Group on Constitutionalism, Judicial Supremacy and Its Critics, Nov. 21-22, 2014. Outside participation is by invitation only. Invitees’ short papers are due by Nov. 6, 2014. For questions about the program, please contact Professor David Schwartz.

This workshop, hosted over the years by Professor Heinz Klug and Associate Professor Andrew Coan at the Law School and Associate Professor Howard Schweber in the Political Science Department, is one of a series of events for a Discussion Group that has been meeting for more than two decades at various law schools. Known informally as a “Schmooze,” the workshop provides an opportunity for an informal conversation among constitutional scholars on a topic that is interesting and provocative. This is the sixth year that a meeting of the Discussion Group is being held at Wisconsin.