Call for Papers: Distance Education in Law Schools: Exploring Issues and Best Practices – San Diego, CA

Association of American Law Schools (AALS)

The Associate Deans section of the AALS is seeking papers, proposals, and suggestions for speakers to participate in a session at the 2018 AALS Annual meeting that will focus on multiple issues involved with Distance Education in Law Schools. “ABA Standard 306 addresses this issue and provides general guidance on distance education.  As deans and faculty grapple with issues regarding distance education, we invite papers, proposals, and suggestions for speakers regarding the issues below and other issues related to this topic.”

Deadline: All proposals should be sent to Mary Garvey Algero, algero[@], on or before Friday, May 24, 2017.  The session has been scheduled in San Diego on Wednesday, January 3, 2018, from 2:00-5:00 p.m.

Please provide the topic and description of your paper or proposal in 300 or fewer words.  If you are suggesting a speaker with expertise on the topic, please identify the person, the person’s expertise, and whether the person is willing to present.  (Include a CV for any proposed speakers.)  We are interested in putting together a panel of presenters with expertise and experience in the areas noted above and in other areas related to this topic and with a diversity of views on the topic.

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