CFPs: Transgender Studies Quarterly

Transgender Studies Quarterly

Transgender Studies Quarterly is inviting submissions for two upcoming issues.

Trans Pornography – Submission deadline: May 15, 2019

For this special issue of TSQ, we solicit work on all aspects of trans pornography, whether written or visual, historical or contemporary, actual or fictional; commercial or community-based, including studies of production, distribution, consumption, and reception; textual and visual analysis; and social-scientific work on people who make or consume porn. In addition to full-length scholarly articles we will consider for publication first-person accounts, shorter essays, opinion pieces, poetry, artwork, and other forms creative expression that fit the theme of trans pornography. We encourage contributions from a wide range of contributors including academics, independent researchers, activists, and, importantly, former and current sex workers.

The Europa Issue – Submission Deadline July 1, 2019

For The Europa Issue of TSQ, we invite your response to this provocation through research articles of 4000-6000 words as well as reports from the field (e.g. legal and medical case studies, social policy documents, historical vignettes, philosophical texts, conference reports, works of art, cultural and media production, life writing, ethnography, and so on) that engage with a range of methods, lineages and practices, from 1000 to 4000 words in length.

The full calls, submission instructions, and additional information about the journal can be found on the website.


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