CFP: Governance of Big Data and AI Workshop – Tilburg, Netherlands

Tilburg Law and Economics Center (TILEC) and the Governance and Regulation Chair (GovReg) at University Paris-Dauphine, PSL Research University will host a workshop on Governance of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence: Economic, Legal and Political Perspectives, June 6-7, 2019 at Tilburg University.

Paper submission a requested on the following topics:

– Which parts of the political opinion formation process and what types of markets are affected most by the rise of big data and algorithms? What is the defining element of these structures?
– How is the competitive process impacted by datafication? Would algorithms be able to oversee the competitive process?
– How could social, legal or political institutions be affected by data-driven business models?
– What exactly are problems stemming from limited privacy? Are mechanisms aimed at controlling privacy implementable given the reach of statistical inferences?
– How are opinions and beliefs shaped by algorithms and data-driven processes? Does the answer to this question have implications for the future of democracy, rule of law, collective governance capabilities, openness of (economic and political) competition?
– Can the postulated negative effects of big data and AI for democracies and data-driven markets that were advanced by theoretical research be substantiated empirically?
– Are there case studies that compare several types of governance structures – e.g. private vs. public; national vs. transnational – aimed at regulating industries that are transformed by big data?
– How to deal with the attempts of governments – both democratic and authoritarian – in relying on digital services to monitor citizens and organizations of all kinds?

The submissions deadline is January 20, 2019. Long abstracts are accepted but full papers are preferred.

More information is available on the website.


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