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ExpressO Support supplies the following calls for papers with deadlines beginning in Oct. 2019 and extending into 2020:

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October 2019

National Security Law Brief (Mid-October)
Founded in April 2009, the American University National Security Law Brief (NSLB) is the nation’s first student-run law school publication to focus on the rapidly evolving field of national security law. The publication is a biannual print publication, devoted to examining the legal dimensions of United States national security law and policy. In addition to analyzing traditional security issues such as counterterrorism, intelligence collection, and nuclear proliferation, the Brief also examines legal matters related to soft power and cybersecurity. The article should be roughly between 40-75 pages and should be submitted by mid-October at the latest.

November 2019

Environmental and Earth Law Journal (EELJ) (November 1, 2019)
The Barry University School of Law Environmental and Earth Law Journal (EELJ) promotes new visions and perspectives on Social and Ecological Justice, as well as facilitates an enlightened discourse on issues and topics affecting human populations and the natural world. The Journal strives to publish articles that are valuable research tools for students, attorneys, judges, and legal scholars. The EELJ selects four articles to be published every year during the summer and the publications are accessible in print and online. Currently, the Journal is seeking articles for its 10th Volume. Deadline is November 1st, 2019.

LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources (November 1, 2019)
The LSU Journal of Energy Law and Resources provides authoritative guidance and insight on the latest developments in energy law, environmental law, mineral rights, and other areas dealing with energy and resources. The deadline to be considered for this year’s volume is November 1, 2019. Manuscripts should be prepared in Microsoft Word and authors are encouraged to submit a CV or résumé along with their manuscripts.

Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal (November 1)
The Virginia Sports and Entertainment Law Journal (“VaSE”) is currently accepting submissions for our next issue. We publish pieces that address timely legal issues arising out of the sports and entertainment industries. As the first sports and entertainment law journal at a Top 10 law school, VaSE strives to be at the forefront of academic scholarship in these areas, and recent editions have addressed many emerging issues. To be considered for our next issue, please submit your article by November 1, though we do accept submissions year-round for later publications on a rolling basis.

Idaho Law Review (November 20)
The Idaho Law Review is pleased to announce a Call for Papers for a special symposium volume entitled “Democracy Evolved: The Future of American Elections. We invite submissions in the form of a short essay, 5 to 15 manuscript pages in length, that engage the following thought-experiment: In 1870, the 15th Amendment was ratified, formally prohibiting vote denial on the basis of race. In 1920, the 19th Amendment was ratified, prohibiting vote denial on the basis of gender. In the 1960s, the Supreme Court established the one-person-one-vote-principle and Congress enacted the Voting Rights Act. In 2000, the Supreme Court decided the presidential election in Bush v. Gore. In 2016, the country experienced one of the most controversial and polarizing elections in modern history. On the eve of the 2020 election, we examine American democracy and ask: where are we now, and where might we be – 4 years, 20 years, 50 years, 100 years, or even 150 years from now? We plan to publish a rich collection of essays in our symposium volume and invite some authors to present their essays at the symposium conference on Friday, April 3, 2020 at the Idaho State Capitol in Boise, Idaho. If you are interested in participating, please submit a one-page abstract of your proposed essay as soon as possible, but no later than November 20, 2019.

December 2019

Journal of Land Use & Environmental Law (December 1, 2019)
We are a law journal focused on articles addressing land use and environmental issues. Past articles have encompassed everything from a survey of states’ public trust doctrine to the prevalence of postmodernist thought in environmental regulation discourse. We are currently searching for articles to publish in our Spring Issue and have a deadline of December 1, 2019 for the selection of articles.

Southwestern Journal of International Law (December)
We invite authors to submit lead articles which focus on novel legal developments, emerging global issues and ongoing legal conflicts in the area of international law. The Journal strives to produce lead articles that are especially pertinent to the dynamic intricacies of international law where technology, nationhood and divergent forms of legal theories and histories collide. To be considered for the Spring issue, it is best to submit articles by December.

American Journal of Trial Advocacy (December)
The American Journal of Trial Advocacy is the oldest law review in the country to publish material specifically directed toward aiding the Bench and Bar in the daily practice of law. With a focus that is both useful and scholarly, the Journal seeks articles from legal scholars and professionals offering practical knowledge and skills content in all litigation practice fields. Annual submission deadlines, generally, are July and December, though we accept submissions year-round.

January 2020

The Arbitration Brief (January 31, 2020)
The Arbitration Brief is a student publication of American University Washington College of Law prepared with assistance from the Washington College of Law Center on International Commercial Arbitration. We welcome pieces from academics, practicing attorneys, arbitrators, and students. We also strongly encourage submissions of controversial and novel scholarships, hoping that The Arbitration Brief may become a true forum for open theoretical debate. The deadline for submissions will be January 31, 2020.

February 2020

Intellectual Property and Technology Law Journal (University of San Francisco) (February 1, 2020)
We are currently accepting articles and comments for the spring issue of Volume 24. The Journal publishes legal scholarship in the areas of patent, trademark, copyright, cyber, privacy, and technology law. The Journal is accepting submissions through February 1, 2020.

Rolling/ Unspecified

Florida A&M University Law Review
With a HBCU heritage, Florida A&M University College of Law is sincerely dedicated to producing Rattlers for Justice – whom are champions of social justice and want to make a transformative difference in society. We are currently working in our upcoming inaugural Rattlers for Justice journal. The Rattlers for Justice theme journal will be dedicated to producing and publishing work of authors that seeks to combat injustice and serve as a catalyst for change within the legal community through thorough and comprehensive legal analysis. The expected publication date is Winter 2019.

Connecticut Insurance Law Journal
The Connecticut Insurance Law Journal is the world’s only academic law review dedicated exclusively to the publication of original research on the law relating to insurance, risk, and responsibility. Since its founding in 1994, the Journal has succeeded in attracting articles that are theoretically sophisticated and of practical importance. CILJ has a fall and spring publication and welcome article submissions throughout the year.

Hastings Environmental Law Journal
HELJ is home to all aspects of environmental policy and legal issues. HELJ focuses on scholarship regarding the most current issues from across the private, public, and non-profit sectors. Our Fall issue is currently set, but we are looking for submissions for our Spring issue. We will be accepting submissions until we fill our slots so there is no deadline for submissions, but earlier the better.

Texas Environmental Law Journal
The Texas Environmental Law Journal (TELJ) publishes articles addressing a wide range of topics in environmental and natural resources law—and related fields such as administrative law—including advancements in water rights and regulation, air quality and regulation, waste and toxics, clean energy, and endangered species. TELJ is seeking both articles from practitioners and academics as well as student notes for the upcoming journal issues to be published in the spring and fall of 2020.

The George Washington Business & Finance Law Review
The George Washington’s Business and Finance Law Review (BFLR) is a scholarly journal operated and edited by students at The George Washington Law School and advised by faculty members of GW’s Center for Law, Economics, & Finance. We are seeking articles on business, corporate or finance law topics for publication in our Spring 2020 issue.

Children’s Legal Rights Journal
The Children’s Legal Rights Journal is accepting submissions for its upcoming publications. This is the 40th year of CLRJ, and we are very excited for this volume. The CLRJ focuses on a broad range of issues confronting children, including custody and adoption, reproductive rights, LGBT rights, the Indian Child Welfare Act, delinquency, child welfare, and many other child-related topics. All submissions should be between 15 and 60 pages and formatted according to the Bluebook, with footnotes. We accept submissions on a rolling basis. We are also excited to introduce our Professional Insights section of our journal. Professional Insights articles are shorter articles, which briefly cover developments and insights into the professional’s area of practice. These articles should be previously unpublished pieces based on original work. Professional Insights submissions should be between 10 and 15 pages with endnotes formatted according to the Bluebook.

Bocconi Legal Papers
Bocconi Legal Papers every six months publishes hard-copy issues where it gathers academic papers related to the field of <<Law and Economics>>, theme to be interpreted broadly and, thus, encompassing both public and private law, without excluding in principle any particular branch of law. The Editorial Board may further specify the editorial focus of each hard-copy publication by means of the related Call for Papers.

Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law
We are soliciting articles with a business nexus form a wide scope of legal issues. Manuscripts must be typed, double spaced, and in Microsoft Word format, with footnotes rather than endnotes. Authors must include a copy of their current resume or curriculum vitae. The Journal encourages the use of gender-neutral language.

Environs: Environmental Law and Policy Journal
The UC Davis Journal of Environmental Law and Policy (Environs) is a biannual environmental law and policy journal that provides an open forum for the discussion of current environmental issues. In recent years, the Journal has published articles from practicing attorneys, professors, researchers, and exemplary students from across the country. We accept manuscript submissions about environmental issues from a law and policy perspective. There is no page requirement and the deadline to submit is rolling.

Journal of Law, Policy & Military Affairs
Published by the Center for Law and Military Policy (“CLMP”), the Journal of Law, Policy & Military Affairs (“JLPMA”) is the only independent academic platform for military-related scholarship. The JLPMA is designed to serve both the legal and non-legal communities through prompt publication of scholarly works on the basis of originality, thoughtfulness, timeliness, and reform. We seek to provide an open forum for the discussion and interpretation of significant developments in military-related policies affecting veterans and service members. The JLPMA accepts submissions on a rolling basis.

Loyola of Los Angeles Entertainment Law Review
We are interested in receiving scholarly articles of any length within the subject matter of entertainment law. For ELR’s purposes, entertainment law includes constitutional law (especially the First Amendment); anti-trust litigation; bankruptcy; contracts; corporation law; communication regulation; sports arbitration; and intellectual property rights, such as copyright and trademark.

Loyola University Chicago Law Journal
The Loyola University of Chicago Law Journal, the school’s flagship law review, is continuing to accept content geared towards our special Illinois issue or our online publication. Articles considered for publication in the Illinois issue should focus on proposals of law, recent developments, or the legal history of Chicago and the State of Illinois. Articles submitted for consideration in our online publication will receive close attention if they are fewer than 5,000 words and take a position for or against a topical and contemporary issue of law.

Real Estate Law Journal
We publish quarterly and accept manuscripts throughout the year. Article topics could include a variety of real estate related issues such as: real property law such as eminent domain, contracts, liens and encumbrances; public policies affecting real estate; environmental issues affecting real property; real estate taxation; real estate accounting issues; title insurance; property insurance; flood insurance; real estate broker issues; condominium law; legal issues in real property development and investment; legal issues in real estate management; zoning; and legal issues in residential and commercial leasing.

Richmond Journal of Law & Technology
JOLT is accepting submissions for this year’s Issue 26, as it relates generally to law and technology. We are also accepting submissions that fit with our Symposium topic, “Technology, Innovation, and the Law.” We are seeking articles on this topic, as well as how technology is changing the practice of law and how creative legal entrepreneurs are utilizing new technologies in their practice.

Seton Hall Legislative Journal
The Seton Hall Legislative Journal prides itself in publishing articles on legislative and statutory interpretation. However, we accept articles on topics in all areas of law. We have a 160-footnote and 25-page minimum. We are currently seeking articles for our 44th volume.

Trends in State Courts
A National Center for State Courts publication, articles under our Trends umbrella track the imminent issues affecting state courts including: management, technology, security, legal trends, social issues, and beyond.

Tsinghua China Law Review
We are the first law student-run, English-language journal of legal scholarship published by a mainland Chinese university. We are dedicated to advancing the global academic discussion of all issues relating to China’s law, legal economy, and society. We are looking for articles on topics relating to Chinese law or other legal issues that pertain to China.

UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal
The UCLA Pacific Basin Law Journal (PBLJ) is committed to publishing cutting-edge, original scholarship that significantly contributes to the study of the Pacific Rim, including topics such as, but not limited to, human rights law, constitutional law, criminal law, international trade regulations, corporate governance, climate change, and intellectual property law. We are also committed to advancing the dialogue between international and U.S. scholars by publishing articles with foreign sources that are otherwise unavailable to English-language readers, and by publishing translations with the original author’s permission. The PBLJ welcomes submissions from legal scholars, practitioners, and graduate students.

University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law
The University of Pennsylvania Journal of Business Law publishes any articles that are related to business and have some sort of domestic, U.S. focus. While the Journal seeks to publish articles with around 20,000 words, submissions with 10,000-30,000 words will be considered.

University of San Francisco Law Review
The University of San Francisco Law Review Volume 54 Forum is calling for submissions! If you want to reach a wider audience by publishing online and on paper, then submit your piece to the USF Law Review Forum. We are looking for legal pieces in either your area of expertise or area of interest. The USF Law Review accepts submissions on a rolling basis. We look forward to working with you!

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