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University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law

Fair Access to Financial Services – Copenhagen

The Centre for Enterprise Liability (CEVIA), University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, presents Surpass IRN – Fair and Non-Discriminatory Access to Financial Services Sept. 26–27, 2019. Paper proposals are due…

University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law

Decommissioning Oil & Gas Installations in North Sea – Copenhagen

The Centre for International Law, Conflict and Crisis (CILCC), University of Copenhagen Faculty of Law, presents In Memoriam Anita Rønne – The North Sea and Beyond May 24, 2019. “This…

Georgia State College of Law

Olmstead at 20: Community Integration – Atlanta, GA

The Journal of Legal Medicine and Georgia State University College of Law’s Center for Law, Health & Society present Olmstead at Twenty: The Past and Future of Community Integration Aug….

Loyola University Chicago

CFP: Constitutional Law Colloquium – Chicago, IL

Loyola University Chicago School of Law holds its Tenth Annual Constitutional Law Colloquium Nov. 8–9, 2019. Abstracts are due by June 21, 2019. Hat tip: SSRN

University of Groningen

Investment Migration – Geneva, Switzerland

The Faculty of Law, University of Groningen (The Netherlands) and the Investment Migration Council (Switzerland) are organizing 4th Annual Investment Migration Conference: International Mobility of the Wealthy and Global Inequality….

Responsible Investment – Paris, France

PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment, an international NGO) presents the 11th annual PRI Academic Network Conference Sept. 9, 2019, at the Hyatt Regency Paris Etoile, with the theme “Bridging the Gap…

Florence School of Regulation (FSR)

Regulating Digital Platforms – Florence, Italy

The Florence School of Regulation presents the 8th Conference on the Regulation of Infrastructures, Digital Platforms – The New Network Industries? How to regulate them? June 20–21, 2019. The submission deadline…

Southern Cross University

Law in End Times – Law, Lit, Humanities, Society – Bilinga, Queensland, Australia

Southern Cross University School of Law and Justice is proud to convene and organise, together with the Law, Literature and the Humanities Association of Australasia (LLHAA) and the Law and…

Chululongkorn University

Asian Law & Econ. Ass’n – Bangkok, Thailand

The Faculty of Law and Faculty of Economics at Chulalongkorn University hosts the 15th Annual Asian Law and Economics Association (AsLEA) Conference June 27–28, 2019. Paper drafts were due April…

International Programs in Law, Kyushu University Graduate School of Law

Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Algorithms – Fukuoka, Japan

Kyushu University Faculty of Law’s International Programs in Law presents its 12th Annual Law Symposium, Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Algorithms: Regulation, Governance, Markets Nov. 21-23, 2019. Abstracts are due July 1, 2019….