September 28, 2007 Colloquia/Workshops


Thomas Brennan (Drexel Law), Impossible Frontiers

Georgetown Law and Economics

Rob Sitkoff (Harvard Law), Agency Costs, Charitable Trusts, and Corporate Control: Evidence from Hershey’s Kiss-Off


Mitchell N. Berman (Texas Law)

Ohio State Legal History

Steven A. Bank (UCLA Law), War and Taxes: Is There an American Tradition of Wartime Fiscal Sacrifice

Seton Hall

Kevin Outterson (Boston University Law), Transferable Patent Rights 


Tom Lee (Fordham), Theorizing the Foreign Affairs Constitution

UCLA Faculty Fridays

Bernadette Meyler (Cornell Law), Defoe and the Written Constitution


Ann Southworth (Case Western Law), Lawyers of the American Conservative Coalition: Divided Constituencies


Robert Kurzban (UPenn Psychology), Audience Effects of Moralistic Punishment


Christina Sautter (Loyola New Orleans Law), Shopping During Extended Store Hours: From No Shops to Go Shops – The Development, Effectiveness, and Implications of Go-Shop Provisions

Virginia Law

Kevin Washburn (Minnesota Law), Restoring the Grand Jury