Law Review Companions

This list of law review companions is a work in progress. To suggest an addition, please write to

We are interested in online companions to U.S. law journals only. The companions should include substantive articles, comments, or essays in addition to those that appear in the regular journal. That is, the companion should be more than a blog with announcements about the journal’s banquet or write-on competition. We will list blogs if they have substantive articles.


American Criminal Law Review (Georgetown Law): ACLR Online

Arizona Law Review: Syllabus


Berkeley Business Law Journal: The Network

Berkeley Technology Law Journal: Berkeley Technology Law Journal Blog and Commentaries

Buffalo Law Review: The Docket


California Law Review: California Law Review Online

Cardozo Law Review: De Novo

City University of New York Law Review: Footnote Forum

Columbia Business Law Review: CBLR Online

Columbia Journal of Transnational Law: The Bulletin

Columbia Law Review: Sidebar

Connecticut Law Review: Connecticut Law Review Online


Denver Law Review: DLR Online

Duke Journal of Constitutional Law & Public Policy: Sidebar

Duke Law Journal: DLJ Online


Ecology Law Quarterly: Ecology Law Currents

Emory Law Journal: ELJ Online



George Washington Law Review: Arguendo

Georgetown Environmental Law Review: Georgetown Environmental Law Review Online

Georgetown Journal of International Law: Georgetown Journal of International Law Online

Georgetown Journal on Poverty Law & Policy

Georgetown Law Journal: The Georgetown law Journal Online


Harvard Civil Rights–Civil Liberties Law Review: Amicus

Harvard Journal of Law & Gender: JLG Online

Harvard Law Review: Harvard Law Review Forum

Hastings Law Journal: Voir Dire

Houston Law Review: HLRe Off the Record


Indiana Law Journal: The Supplement

Iowa Law Review: The Bulletin


John Marshall Review of Intellectual Property Law: blog


Kentucky Law Journal: KLJ Online


Louisiana Law Review: LLR Lagniappe


Maryland Law Review: Endnotes

Michigan Law Review: First Impressions

Minnesota Law Review: Headnotes and De Novo

Mississippi Law Journal: Supra


Nebraska Law Review: Law Review Bulletin

North Carolina Law Review: Addendum

Northwestern University Law Review: NULR Online (formerly The Colloquy)

NYU Law Review: Online Features


Ohio State Law Journal: Furthermore

Oregon Law Review: OLR Online


Penn State Law Review: Penn Statim


Rutgers Law Review: Commentaries


SMU Law Review: SMU Law Review Forum

Southern California Law Review: Postscript

Stanford Law Review: SLR Online


Temple Law Review: Online Forum

Texas Law Review: See Also

Touro Law Review: Touro Law Review Blog


University of Illinois Law Review: Slip Opinions

University of Miami Law Review: UMLR Caveat and UMLR Insights

University of Pennsylvania Journal of Constitutional Law: JCL Online

University of Pennsylvania Law Review: University of Pennsylvania Law Review Online (formerly PENNumbra)

UCLA Law Review: Discourse

University of Richmond Law Review: Just EnRICHment

Utah Law Review: Utah OnLaw


Vanderbilt Law Review: En Banc


Wake Forest Law Review: The Common Law and The Fourth Circuit Blog

Washington & Lee Law Review: Washington & Lee Law Review Online

Washington Law Review: Washington Law Review Online

Washington University Law Review: Commentaries (formerly Slip Opinions)


Yale Journal of International Law: YJIL Online

Yale Journal of Law & Technology: Yale Journal of Law & Technology blog

Yale Journal on Regulation: JREG Bulletin

and, with the ABA Section of Regulatory Law & Practice: Notice & Comment

Yale Law & Policy Review: Inter Alia

Yale Law Journal: YLJ Forum (formerly Pocket Part)


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