January 22, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law & Politics

Jeff Rachlinski (Cornell Law), Does Unconscious Bias Affect Trial Judges?


Lawrence Mitchell (George Washington Law), The Speculation Economy: How Finance Triumphed Over Industry

Lewis & Clark

Amos Guiora (Utah Law), Self-Defense: From the Wild West to 9/11: Who, What, When


Arthur McEvoy (Wisconsin Law), The Legal Construction of Natural Disasters

Notre Dame

Dean Patricia O’Hara (Notre Dame Law), Catholic Mission


Lin Bai (Cincinnati Law), There are Plaintiffs and… There are Plaintiffs: An Empirical Analysis of Securities Class Action Settlements


Roberto Corrada (Denver Law), Legal Pedagogy


Humayoun Rahimi (Balkh University), Customary Dispute Resolution in Northern Afghanistan

Wali Mohammad Naseh (Kabul University), Legal Education in Afghanistan

Balakrishnan Rajagopal (MIT Human Rights), Rebuilding Failed States: A Political Approach & Rule of Law in Post-Conflict Rebuilding: Dilemmas of Reconciling Human Rights, Security and Development