February 19, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops

Chicago Law & Economics

Lee Fennell (Chicago Law), The Coase Lecture: Slices and Lumps

Chicago Law & Politics

John de Figueiredo (UCLA Management), Endogenous Cost Lobbying: Theory and Evidence


Angela Mae Kupenda (Mississippi Law)

Lewis & Clark

Juliet Stumpf (Lewis & Clark Law), States of Confusion: The Inevitable Confluence of Federal and State Immigration Law


Gregory O’Meara (Marquette Law)

Minnesota Law & History

Masako Nakamura (Minnesota Ph.D. Candidate), Families Precede Nation and Race? The 1947 Amendment of the War Bridges Act and the American Family

Notre Dame

Paolo Carozza (Notre Dame Law), International Human Rights and Democratic Theory


Jennifer Harbury, The U.S. and Torture: History and Jurisprudence


Bill Richman (Toledo Law), Genetic Residues of Prehistoric Migrations: An End to Biological Essentialism and the Reification of Race


Lonny Hoffman (Houston Law)

Yale Legal History

Cynthia Herrup (USC Law), Uncertain Forgiveness: Pardons, Bureaucracy, and Confusion in the Seventeenth Century