March 27, 2008 Colloquia/Workshops


Rennard Strickland (Chapman Law), Keepers of the Springs: A Defense of the American Legal Profession


A. E. Dick Howard (Virginia Law), The Changing Face of the Supreme Court: From the Warren Court to the Roberts Court

Boston College

Linda Beale (Wayne State), Tax Patents: At the Crossroads of Tax and Patent Law

Boston University

Kim Ferzan (Rutgers-Camden Law), Beyond the Special Part


Anita Bernstein (Brooklyn Law), Asbestos and Gender


Elinor Ostrom (Indiana-Bloomington Cognitive Science Program)


Clayton Gillette (Columbia Law), Tacit Agreement, Investment, and Contract Design


Douglas Baird (Chicago Law), Anti-Bankruptcy

Florida State

Margaret Blair (Vanderbilt Law), Assurance Services as a Substitute for Law in Global Commerce


William Forbath (Texas Law), History, Memory and “Transformative Law”: Treatment Action Campaign and the Politics of Rights in South Africa

Michigan Law & Economics

Rip Verkerke (Virginia Law), Legal Innocence and Information-Forcing Rules

Minnesota Faculty Works

Elizabeth Beaumont (Minnesota Political Science)

NYU Tax Policy & Public Finance

Andrea Louis Campbell (MIT Political Science), How Americans Think About Taxes: Public Opinion and the American Fiscal State

Penn Law & Economics

Colin Mayer (Oxford Business), Where Do Firms Incorporate: Deregulation and the Cost of Entry

Temple International Law

Sean Murphy (George Washington Law), The Jus Ad Bellum in View of New Security Threats


Matt Adler (Penn Law), Social Facts, Constitutional Interpretation, and the Rule of Recognition


Brian Tamanaha (St. John’s Law)


Alex Glashausser (Washburn Law), The Misbegotten Modern Doctrine of Federal Question Jurisdiction

Yale Human Rights

Shameem Black (Yale English), Fiction in the Age of Transitional Justice

Yale Law & Economics

Kathy Zeiler (Georgetown Law), Do Insurer Reserving Practices Drive Liability Insurance Premium Cycles?: An Empirical Study at the Claim Level