Law, Economics, and Technology Post-Graduate Fellowships at Michigan

Microsoft Fellowships in Law, Economics, and TechnologyThe University of Michigan Law School’s Center for Law and Economics is offering several post-graduate Fellowships in Law, Economics, and Technology. The Fellowships support research by individuals who finished graduate school (or are about to finish) and are writing on topics in the intersection between law, economics, and technology. Individuals who practiced in these areas and are interested in returning to academia are also encouraged to apply. The purpose of the fellowships is to foster research and interest in areas of Intellectual Property, Telecommunications, Internet and Cyberlaw, Health Care Law and Policy, and other areas related to information and technology, with emphasis on economics and empiricism as the disciplines of inquiry. The Fellows are expected to devote their time to their proposed course of research, to be in residence at the Law School in Ann Arbor, and to participate in the Law School’s law-and-economics activities. Fellowships are either for one or two semesters.

Deadline for Application Submission: February 1, 2009.