Call for Papers – St. Mary’s Law Journal

The editorial board of St. Mary’s Law Journal requests submissions for publication in Volume 41, Issue 2 (to be published in November 2009); Volume 41, Issue 3 (tentatively scheduled for publication in April 2010); Volume 41, Issue 4 (tentatively scheduled for publication in May or June 2010); and Volume 42, Issue 1 (tentatively scheduled for publication in November 2010).

The Journal strives to publish articles on a broad range of topics that are timely and useful to Texas practitioners—especially those relating to procedural issues. In addition, Issue 4 specifically addresses issues relating to professional responsibility and legal malpractice.

If you have an article you would like to have considered for publication in Volume 41, Issue 2, please submit a completed draft of the article by Thursday, August 20, 2009. If you have an article or article topic you would like to have considered for possible publication in Volume 41, Issue 3 or 4, please submit by Monday, September 21, 2009, either (1) an abstract describing the topic to be covered, or (2) a draft of the article. Submissions received after the deadline will be considered, if space permits. For an article to be considered for Volume 42, Issue 1, the editors would appreciate an abstract or draft received by Monday, February 8, 2010.

The final, completed version of any articles selected for publication in Volume 41, Issues 3 and 4 must be completed by January 4, 2010; the final, completed version of articles for Volume 42, Issue 1 must be completed by June 1, 2010. Intermediate deadlines for article drafts will be tailored as necessary.

For further submission guidelines and contact information, please visit the Journal’s submission page.