Rainbow Families in Europe—Trento, Italy

University of Trento Faculty of Law

The University of Trento Faculty of Law hosts Rights on the Move—Rainbow Families in Europe Oct. 16-17, 2014. Abstracts were due July 9, 2014.

Rights on the move looks at European legal obstacles and solutions for rainbow families, i.e. families where the couple and the parental roles involve non-heterosexual, trans or intersex persons moving and residing within the EU. By adopting a child-oriented approach, “Rights on the move” aims at unravelling how freedom of movement and family life should be read in compliance with the EU Charter, the European citizenship rights of the child and other international and supranational instruments. The diversity of regulations about marriage and partnership, access to assisted reproductive technologies and adoption, as well as separation and child custody exposes these families to considerable obstacles when moving within the EU.