Call for Papers: Graphic Futures – Imagining Law’s Potential in Comics and Graphic Novels

Graphic Futures

Graphic Justice Research Alliance invites submissions for eight workshops on these four themes: (1) Approaching Graphic Futures, (2) Criminal Futures, (3) Legal Futures of Technology, and (4) Law after the State.

Comics and graphic fiction have been an under-utilised resource in the history of legal studies. Yet their unique epistemological grounding (at the borders of the visual, the linguistic, the aesthetic, and the rational), and their capacity for futuristic imagination, arguably make them an apt tool for exploring worlds, laws and ideas beyond the boundaries of the present. Engaging with futuristic visions in graphic fiction and comics, this project aims to imagine (or challenge our ability to imagine) the landscape(s) of jurisprudence in the emerging world(s) as modernity recedes.

Deadline: November 14, 2014. Please send abstracts of no more than 200 words, 3 keywords, and an indication of which theme your work would ‘fit’ under, to thomas.giddens[@] im