Faith Based Legal Education – Virginia Beach, VA

Regent University School of Law

Regent University School of Law hosts the 2016 Conference of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools, Challenges and Opportunities for Faith Based Legal Education, Sept. 29-30, 2016.

The RALS Conference is a venue for law faculty members from religiously affiliated law schools across the country to come together for a scholarly symposium to discuss current events as they relate to a law school’s religious mission.  The four sessions of the symposium will discuss implementing ethical formation and professional identity in law school; potential accreditation and tax exempt status issues for religiously affiliated law schools after Obergefell; new scholarship; and pursuing global justice.

Presentations will include “Faith and Sexuality: The Unique Challenges Facing Religious Educators” by Prof. Robin Fretwell Wilson of the U. of Ill., “Institutional Engagement & Institutional Mission – why religiously affiliated law schools should be deeply and proactively engaged with the #BlackLivesMatter movement” by Dean Robert Vischer of St. Thomas Law School, Minnesota, “Religious liberty & LGBT equality clashes, exemptions, and conflicts with antidiscrimination laws” by Prof. Linda McClain of Boston University Law,  “The Role of Religiously Affiliated Law Schools in the Rebirth of American Public Life” by Prof & Assoc. Dean Bruce Ledewitz of Duquesne Law , and a conference opening address from Robert Cochran of Pepperdine Law School.

The symposium will conclude with a showing of Remand: Global Justice in Uganda, a documentary made by a Nashville-based production company about our Global Justice Program’s work in Uganda, and how the work is transforming lives on both continents, presented by Prof. Jim Gash of Pepperdine Law, and Prof. Ernie Walton of Regent Law.

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